Malapascua Attractions

There is plenty to do in Malapascua if you are trying to fill in a few days… in between swimming, diving, sunbathing and relaxing! While many of Malapascua’s most popular attractions are underwater – such as the wrecks and reefs you can explore while scuba diving – there are some beautiful attractions on land too.

Bounty Beach

Check out this magnificent white sand beach. You can’t miss it when you arrive, and you won’t want to leave!

Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island



I know this is a little odd but it is one of the “things to see” on Malapascua Island. The local cemetery is open to the public but watch out for any stray bones!


Take a hike! … to the highest point on the island. It is at the¬†Lighthouse near Guimbitayan, at the North West corner of Malapascua Island.

Malapascua Island Lighthouse



If you are not squeamish and you are in Malapascua on a Sunday you can watch a cockfight. Philippines is one of the few countries where cockfighting is legal.